Your Voice. Your Power. Your Co-op.

The best part about being a member of your local Touchstone Energy® cooperative is just that…it’s YOUR cooperative. That means:

One Member = One Vote

Your co-op membership means that you get a vote, which ensures that your voice is heard and accounted for. Every member can vote and has a right to help elect local board members - shaping policies and influencing business.

You have a say

The democratic process means you have a say in co-op decisions that affect your home, business and community.

Your co-op answers to you

Because your local Touchstone Energy® cooperative is not-for-profit, its responsibility is to answer to you, not shareholders.

Invested in community

When you’re a member of a local Touchstone Energy® cooperative, you’re a part of an organization that is dedicated to your local community.

Capital credits

Because rural electric co-ops are not beholden to shareholders and are not-for-profit, they are able to return profits to their members. That means you can get money back in your pocket for being an electric co-op member!