Watch Out This Winter

Blizzard. Ice Storm. Polar Vortex.

Here in the Northern Plains we get ALL the winter weather! Play it safe during and after snow, ice and cold by watching out for electrical hazards.

  • When plowing, avoid electrical cabinets, poles, wires and other equipment
    Winter presents additional challenges to utility workers as well as additional hazards for home and business owners.
  • Take special care when plowing near power equipment.
  • Be aware of electrical equipment and power lines, noting the locations of electrical cabinets, poles and wires before the snow gets too deep.
  • Never touch a downed power line
    Always assume fallen power lines are energized.
  • Stay away from a downed power line and any nearby objects it may be touching, such as a fence or a tree limb.
  • Never touch a person or object that is in direct or indirect contact with a downed power line. Instead, call 911 immediately.
  • Never attempt to move a downed power line.
  • Contact your electric cooperative or 911 immediately to report downed power lines.

Let’s all stay warm and safe this winter!

Together, we’re re-energizing safety.