Partnering for Safety at the State Fair

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives partnered with South Dakota FFA to promote farm safety at the South Dakota State Fair. Farm equipment is getting larger and the increased height could lead to more contacts with power lines. Touchstone Energy Cooperatives want to remind everyone to always be aware of what’s overhead and know what to do if your equipment contacts a power line.

STAY PUT: If your equipment contacts a power line, stay inside. DO NOT EXIT. Call 911.

JUMP CLEAR: If you must exit due to a fire, jump from the equipment so that no part of your body touches the equipment and the ground at the same time. Hope or shuffle with your feet together at least 40 feet away.

STAY AWAY: When you are clear of the area, call for help and keep others away. DO NOT approach your vehicle again until utility crews and emergency responders tell you it is safe.

While at the State Fair, we provided electrical safety demonstrations to share this safety message. For more safety information go to

electrical safety demonstration