Illuminating Commercial Savings

Save on your monthly energy bill and give your business or ag operation a revamped, modern look at the same time simply by updating your commercial lighting system.

Financial Savings

Updating the lighting at your business or industrial ag operation is a great way to save money on your overall energy bill. In fact, you could reduce your lighting costs by up to 30% percent just by replacing or retrofitting inefficient lighting systems. You'll also see long term financial benefits from the new lighting’s longer rated life span and fewer maintenance costs.

Happier Employees

Along with reducing your energy costs, an updated lighting system can bring additional benefits like increased safety and security. You may even notice a difference in your employees. Research shows that an increase in light levels in the workplace can lead to an increase in productivity and employee morale.

Choose Your Look

From a vintage aesthetic to a more industrial feel, there are many different lighting systems to choose from. Your local Touchstone Energy® Cooperative can connect you with commercial energy experts who can suggest lighting updates and options that lower energy costs and improve efficiencies for your business. They can even help you determine your eligibility for rebates.

Learn more and find commercial lighting experts at or by getting ahold of your local Touchstone Energy® Cooperative.