Energy Efficient Gift Guide

Are looking for a last-minute gift? Check out this list of energy efficient gifts that will continue to “give” throughout the year in the form of energy savings!

Appliances: When purchasing a new appliance, look for an Energy Star certified appliance. This will ensure that your gift will have the latest features, save energy and money and also protect the environment.

Smart Thermostats: This device has the ability to monitor and adjust your home’s temperature even when you are away. Save money by turning down your heating or cooling when you are not at home.

Tablets: An Energy Star certified tablet uses 10 times less power to stream than a game console does. It uses 7 times less power than streaming to a television and 6 times less than a desktop computer and monitor.

Televisions: Energy Star certified televisions are on average, 27 percent more energy efficient than conventional models, saving energy in all usage modes: sleep, idle, and on.

To learn more about Energy Star products go to the Energy Star website.